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"We knew we wanted a home birth since my last 2 babies had been delivered at home. I met Abigail at the gym a few years back and knew she was a midwife. I loved Abigail from the first moment we met so when I found out I was pregnant she was one of the first people I told! I believe she received a picture of my positive test!!
I loved that during our first appointment we got to meet all the ladies that work closely with Abigail! Their knowledge, value systems, and heart completely align with my husband and I and put us both in a place of complete comfort. Seriously when they speak it feels like a warm blanket being wrapped around you:)
I don’t even know where to begin but from the moment we had a positive test till well after our daughter was born Abigail was on call and ready to answer any questions and help with any situation that came up.

During birth I was blessed with Abigail and Alakhi! Abigail was acting as a midwife, doula, and friend, an absolute rockstar! Her knowledge and demeanor had me so comfortable and confident in my most craziest of moments and pain. My birth was fast and without any complications or worries!  She guided us so well through our entire pregnancy and birth process. We were so blessed to have Abigail by our side and would continue to use her for any more future babes."



(Doula Client)

"What an insane blessing and honor it was to have Abigail not only at my birth with my 3rd sweet baby boy but to have her as a constant encourager and support throughout my pregnancy. This birth was so full of peace and joy and redemption and a huge part of that was because of the support of Abigail. My husband and I actually got to labor together and have intimate moments as husband and wife because Abigail was so attentive and supported me physically, mentally and spiritually. It brought us so much peace and joy knowing she was praying over my pregnancy, my birth, and our family. Abigail is amazing to say the least!!!"

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