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Let's Talk About Prenatals...

 When it comes to choosing a prenatal vitamin, we know there are SO many options out there. We believe that ideally, the best way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs is first and foremost through FOOD. Unfortunately we live in a world that isn't perfect and our foods are often depleted of the much needed nutrients our bodies require, especially in pregnancy. Supplementing with a good quality prenatal vitamin is a way we can help support the body in growing a baby, along with a healthy whole foods based diet. 

Here are some recommendations of prenatal vitamins that we believe to be most effective and actually worth your money as not all prenatals are created equal.

Not listed as it is not available in this Amazon store is the Full Well Prenatal, among my top choices.


We encourage you to work with your care provider to find the one that feels to be the most fitting for your needs.

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Herbal, Homeopathic, Alternative Supplements 

Herbal and homeopathic supplements are an amazing way to support your body systems naturally. They can be a gentle yet very effective option, making them one of our front line choices for common pregnancy ailments as well as general recommendations for added nutritive and medicinal benefits in pregnancy. Listed below are some of the common supplements we recommend although not all of these products should be taken throughout pregnancy. 

Talk with your practitioner or midwife before starting any new supplements. 


Vitamins and Minerals 

While we encourage mothers to get nutrients through food, sometimes there are vitamin and mineral deficiencies that need some tending to through supplementation. Because each woman is individual in her needs, there is not a one size fits all plan that works for everyone. There may be  some adjustments to be made that can help fill the gaps and provide the ideal amount of specific vitamins and minerals for each woman, therefore your practitioner or midwife may suggest additional supplements along with a prenatal vitamin.

Talk with your practitioner or midwife before starting any new supplements. 

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